Friday, 31 July 2015

NEWSLINK: Cecil The Lion's Death: Stars React With Anger & Disgust

The world, including many stars in Hollywood, are expressing their outrage surrounding the death Cecil the Lion, one of Africa's most beloved big cats.
Following the news that Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, killed the lion and is now being investigated by Zimbabwean authorities; stars have taken to social media with harsh words for Palmer.

ARTICLE: Milwaukee's great 'lion' hunt — of 1961

This isn't Milwaukee's first, well, catfight.

Reports of sightings of a lion — or "lion-like creature" — on the city's north side and thereabouts this past week sound surprisingly similar to a series of big-cat sightings that made front-page news in The Milwaukee Journal in February and March 1961.


NEWSLINK/VIDEO: Man facing charges after jumping fence to pet cougars at Ohio Zoo

An Ohio man is in hot water after he climbed into the cougar enclosure and filmed himself interacting with the big cats, reports People.

Joshua Newell, 35, recently posted a video on YouTube of himself hopping a fence at the Columbus Zoo to pet the big cats through a second barrier. He is now charged with criminal trespassing.

Read more and watch the video...

NEWSLINK: Lions Are Now Free to Stroll Akagera Park

The gates of the quarantine Boma were opened, yesterday; the seven which were introduced into Akagera National Park nearly a month ago are now strolling outside their temporary enclosure.

By mid afternoon, the first lioness stepped out of the 1000sq meter perimeter Boma and a waterbuck corpse was placed outside the gates to encourage them move out of the enclosure to explore their new home.


Thursday, 30 July 2015

NEWSLINK: Bangladesh’s abundant tiger population has collapsed to just 100

In Bangladesh, a new census shows that tiger populations in the Sundarbans mangrove forest are more endangered than ever. 

The study, which used hidden cameras to track and record tigers, provides a more accurate update than previous surveys that used other methods. 

The year-long census, which ended this April, revealed only around 100 of the big cats remain in what was once home to the largest population of tigers on earth.


NEWSLINK: World Tiger Day 2015

The number of tigers is dwindling by the day and if we do not put in effort to save them, the coming generations would only know them through pictures and descriptions. 

Many organisations like CITES and India's Project Tiger have made some advancement with regards to spreading awareness of tiger conservation, and even maintaining natural habitats for them.


NEWSLINK: Expert: Owning pet lion legal in Wisconsin

Police in Milwaukee are still looking for a lion reportedly seen walking around the city over the past few days - so if it is indeed a lion, who owns it and how is that legal?

If the lion turns out to be a pet of someone's, it is legal in Wisconsin, according to Jeff Kazlowski.