Friday, 2 October 2015

NEWSLINK: Warning issued after tiger family attacks forest guards

A warning has been issued to the villages in Terai East Forest Division after a tigress, spotted in the area along with her cubs, attacked forest guards on patrol. The big cat was caught on camera trap last week.


NEWSLINK: Wagholi traps sighted leopard

Just about a week after leopard sightings were reported from Wagholi, the Pune forest division finally trapped a big cat at Awalwadi village there early on Friday morning. The leopard, a seven to eight year- old male, was frequently spotted by locals and had attacked dogs and livestock as well.


NEWSLINK: Mystery feline spotted around UK town

One furry Waterbury resident is getting a lot of attention lately on Front Porch Forum, and no, it’s not Murphy the dog.

Local users of the community-building website have been abuzz about a large cat seen wandering around town, mostly because nobody knows exactly what it is.

Stowe Street resident Angie Gentley was the first to see the mystery cat when she was waiting for her neighbor to get home one evening a couple weeks ago.


Thursday, 1 October 2015

NEWSLINK: Hope for India's Bengal Tigers as US and Tourist groups get involved

As with several other big cats and large mammals in the world, Bengal tigers are under threat of extinction. Various efforts are now being made to both combat poaching and to protect India’s Bengal tigers in their natural habitats.


NEWSLINK: Rugby World Cup fever in Longleat Lions

If these 'roarsome' pictures are any indication, Rugby World Cup fever has infected the animal kingdom - and these leaping lions are keen to show off their skills.

The pride of lions at Longleat Safari Park, in Wiltshire, held an open training session for spectators ahead of England's clash against Wales on Saturday.


NEWSLINK: US President Barack Obama Asked to Raise Issue of Tiger Trade With China

More than a dozen leading NGO's including those from India today exhorted US President Barack Obama to raise the issue of trade in tiger organs in China when he meets his Chinese counterpart.

In a joint letter to the US President, NGOs urged Mr Obama to impress upon China the vital need to take immediate action to protect the fewer than 3,200 wild tigers remaining across Asia.


ARTICLE: Studies says cities must coexist with big cats

City dwellers should be willing to share space with big cats like leopards in urban areas bordering forests.

This is the conclusion of a 15-year research by wildlife researchers which stresses that the wild cats have adapted very well to the city environment and should not be translocated because of pressure from public and the media