Thursday, 16 November 2017

NEWSLINK: Nod for mineral prospecting near tiger corridor

Even as lack of connectivity between tiger reserves remains a big hurdle for re-population of big cats, the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has given an in-principle approval to Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC)’s proposal for mineral prospecting in Kathpal chromite mines which is barely 7.5 km from Similipal-Satkosia tiger corridor.Finding the proposed site close to the tiger corridor, the Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) had sought comments of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA).


NEWSLINK: Will a New Family of Mountain Lions Soon Be Looking for a Hollywood Hills Home?

IguaƧu National Park - Puma.jpgThe recent news that an as yet gender-unidentified mountain lion has been discovered in the Hollywood Hills reminds us that, while we live in a very dense city, our urban landscape also includes a thriving wilderness. If the mystery cat is a female and if she mates with one of the better-known local mountain lions – such as the iconic P-22 – we could soon have a new family in search of a hillside habitat. It would be, however, a family without a “dad” since male mountain lions leave “mom” within days of mating.


VIDEO: New lion attraction at zoo puts humans in big cage while lions roam free

Visitors to the Monarto Zoo can take a walk on the wild side. The Australian animal park now boasts of a new feature: Lions 360. It is a cage inside the lion's enclosure at the zoo where humans can see the big cats up close and personal.
The zoo is turning the tables on the traditional zoo experience. The lions roam free while the humans are locked up in a cage. Zoo workers say while the experience is frighting, it is absolutely safe- it has been tested by lions.


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

NEWSLINK: Rare big cat flees exile and returns 700 km to Vladivostok

Legendary wild Amur tiger back to city one year to the day after he caused panic stalking residents - despite being banished to faraway wildlife park.
'He went back to Vladivostok, crossed the Trans-Siberian railway, overcame our terrible roads, and eventually now seems to have chosen China.'

This amazing cat story involves Vladik, an endangered Siberian tiger, who is in love with Russia's eastern capital, Vladivostok.

A year ago we covered his escapades when he caused some fleeting terror in and near the city with frequent sightings as close as five miles from downtown.


SIGHTIING, UK: Man’s shock as he sees ‘large black cat’ on A12

A man has described his shock at seeing a large black cat on the A12 in the middle of the night.

The animal, which ran across the road at around 12.30am on Tuesday morning, was “much bigger than a fox” and had a long, rather bushy tail.

The man from Chelmsford, who did not want to be named, said the creature ran in front of his car on the A12 on the stretch of road between Ingatestone and Margaretting.


Sunday, 12 November 2017

NEWSLINK: Big cat remains on M25 Hertfordshire slip road?

Graphic designer Gavin Wybrow, 50, saw the road kill on his way to work at about 9am on Monday - he said the body was huge, had round ears, and sandy coloured fur.

The body was on the M25 slip road, leaving the motorway at Junction 24 for Potters Bar.
He said: “It’s only my opinion, I haven’t taken measurements or photographs, but it was weird and I am not mad.

"There was a huge mess of road kill and as I glanced at it, obviously I had to do this in a split second while driving, but it looked like a cougar or some cat.


NEWSLINK: Cougar suspected of snatching pets from Seaside apartment complex

Seaside Heights Elementary School moved all student activities inside Monday after a reported cougar sighting.

Staff escorted students home and monitored crosswalks. Residents of Creekside Village Apartments are being warned their small pets could be in danger.

Superintendent Sheila Roley said a neighbor reported to Principal John McAndrews “that she believed she had seen a cougar in the neighborhood last weekend.”