Wednesday, 10 February 2016

NEWSLINK: Zookeeper attacked by rare Sumatran tiger

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's widow has told how one of her zoo keepers has suffered puncture wounds and scratches after being swatted by a rare Sumatran tiger.

Terri Irwin said the tiger called Ranu had struck after getting "hot and bothered" at the family's famous Australia Zoo.

On its website, the zoo explains how its handlers have to keep in kind that 265lb Ranu is "the boss" and been patient with him.


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

NEWSLINK: Monks Selling Big Cats on Thai Black Market

International scandal slammed a famous monastery on January 28 when it was exposed for abusing and trafficking endangered tigers.

A documentary film, The Tiger and the Monk, made its debut on Netflix in October 2015. It paints a vivid portrait of Wat Pa Luang Ta Bua Temple, where the wild, free-roaming big cats live at peace, side-by-side with the monks in a furry, striped Utopia.


Monday, 8 February 2016

NEWSLINK: Minnesota Students Name Cougars at Wildcat Sanctuary

It’s always sad to hear of wild cougar kittens tragically losing their mother, but it’s happened again in the state of Washington when a female cougar was shot after killing a goat.

Left behind were two kittens spotted in a shed that authorities trapped and relocated to The Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota.


ARTICLE: Curious Scientists Are Studying Cat Legs

"It's famously said that a lion is just a scaled-up house cat,” University College London researcher Anjali Goswami told The Atlantic. "That's very weird.”

Domestic or big cat, they all walk the same, with the same posture. Other animals’ legs change as they grow, giving them more support and as a result, a different posture. For cats, that’s not the case – they walk in a bit of a crouch. The Atlantic suggests this stance is "useful for stalking and pouncing [or maybe] it allows them to accelerate forwards more easily, or makes them more agile.”


Thursday, 4 February 2016

NEWSLINK: Lions Found in Ethiopia Raise Hopes of Big Cats in the Sudan

Lions found in Ethiopia recently have raised hope that the big cats have also survived nearby in the Sudan after they were thought to have been killed off there.

The Born Free Foundation website said on Monday that an expedition to a remote park in Ethiopia near the Sudan border documented the existence of lions through pictures and identifying lion tracks.


NEWSLINK: Essex 'leopard' most likely a domestic cat

Residents of Essex are on the lookout for a wild animal after a woman in Chelmsford reported seeing a big cat in her back garden.

The worried resident wrote to the Essex Chronicle to share the close encounter with what she described as “a big wild cat, possibly a lynx or a jungle cat”.


Monday, 1 February 2016

NEWSLINK/VIDEO: Terrified tourists forced to flee tiger enclosure on foot after truck breaks down

Horrified tourists at a popular zoo had to flee a tiger enclosure on foot after their sightseeing vehicle broke down mid-tour.

Surrounded by half a dozen big cats, the visitors feared for their lives as they became stranded in the middle of the territory and were told they would need to leave the vehicle.

Reports said 10 tourists visiting the famous Siberian tiger enclosure at the Jiufeng National Forest 
Park near Beijing began phoning their friends and family after the safari car they were travelling in broke down.

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