Wednesday, 10 January 2018

ARTICLE: In the footsteps of a man-eater: As a tigress kills at will, villages live in fear

Tigergebiss.jpgIt’s 4 pm. The mellow winter sun gives way to a crisp breeze on the outskirts of Borati village in Maharashtra’s Yavatmal district.

Beyond the cotton fields, a slight man watches over a herd of grazing cows. The mild chill doesn’t explain his attire. His torso is wrapped in a band of rusted metal. A similar band wrapped around his neck has sharp spokes pointing outwards. The armour is fastened and secured with a lock and key.
“I made this gear last month after I saw a tiger in the forest,” says Shankar Atram, 48. He earns a living as a cowherd — Rs 150 per animal per month, he says.


PHOTO: Tiger dies in hit-and-run mishap near Bazargaon

Indrah the Sumatran Tiger.jpgIn a bizarre hit-and-run mishap, an unidentified vehicle knocked dead a full-grown tiger near Bazargaon off Nagpur-Amravati Highway on Friday evening. The accident spot is not popular for tiger sighting, though the big cats often cross over the busy Highway, under a nearby bridge, while moving across the jungle.


Tuesday, 9 January 2018

VIDEO: Little girl gets shock of her life when she tries to play with feisty jaguar

Jaguar Amneville.JPGOne girl learnt about wild animals the hard way after her bid to play with a jaguar was met with a shocking reaction.

Alongside her two siblings – a younger brother and sister – the brown-haired girl appears fascinated by the animal behind the glass.

The jaguar looks back at the three of them inquisitively and remains calm in the early stages of the clip.

But that soon changes when the youngster pulls out a novelty giraffe toy.


ARTICLE: Panama's Jaguars In Danger, Humans Major Cause Of Death, Says Study

Panthera onca at the Toronto Zoo.jpgA study revealed residents near national parks in Panama, Central America, were causing problems to the jaguar population there. With the residents living near two major national parks in Panama supporting road building in the parks and developmental activities, the population of the big cat continues to deteriorate.

Though these parks are taking huge efforts to conserve the population of the majestic feline, which is the largest big cat in the Americas, their numbers continue to decline.


Monday, 8 January 2018

NEWSLINK: Tiger lovers expect to see rise in numbers as big cat census begins today

2012 Suedchinesischer Tiger.JPGThe much-awaited all-India tiger census starts on Monday and animal enthusiasts are waiting with bated breath to know the results.

Karnataka boasts of housing 406 tigers, the largest number in the country. "We hope that the population has reduced, even if there is no increase," said Forest minister Ramanath Rai.

Speaking to DH, Somashekar, southern region head of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), said the census was being done at different periods in different places. However, in south India it is being held simultaneously to ensure that there is no duplication and error.


Thursday, 4 January 2018

NEWSLINK: Rarest big cat in world dumbfounded when its roe deer meal vanished

Leopard kill - KNP - 001.jpgAmur leopard - one of only 80 still living in wild - kept returning to road where its newly-killed prey was grabbed by a passing motorist.
The confused big cat was seen by several drivers beside a remote road in the Land of the Leopard nature reserve in eastern Russia.

It was sniffing around as if looking for something.
Several drivers noticed the unusual behaviour and reported it to rangers.

They caught the highly endangered creature on dash cams.
The leopard did not look injured, but seemed to be missing something.


ARTICLE: Gun-Toting Zoo Owners in Showdown With PETA and the Feds Over Baby Tigers

One day in October, Randy Stearns walked out to a Florida campfire, dressed in a fringed leather top like a modern-day Davy Crockett. “Hello, friends, Randy the Tiger Man,” the animal trainer greeted the camera, which was set between a teepee and totem pole out in the woods near his family’s Dade City zoo.

“You can’t believe a damn thing you see on the news,” the 34-year-old declared in the filmed fireside chat posted on Facebook. “Just look at me. I’m the newest Charlie Sheen. Every time you go on, there’s something on about us, the park…”