Thursday, 3 September 2015

ARTICLE: Tour Guide Killed in Lion Attack Did Everything Right

The tour guide killed by a lion while on a walking safari in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park did everything right in responding to the attack, according to experts—but he still paid the ultimate price

Quinn Swales, 40, a professional guide, was leading a group of six tourists in the park—the former home of Cecil the lion—when they came upon a pride. The male lion got up and began approaching the tour group.


NEWSLINK: There’s a Cecil the Lion Halloween Costume, and Yes, the Head Is Chopped Off

Dressing up in a hazmat suit for Halloween and impersonating a health care worker battling Ebola in West Africa is so last year. It’s still two months until the candy-filled, spooktacular holiday, but retailers are already lining up a fresh crop of questionable costumes. At the front of the politically incorrect pack: a gruesome getup that allows people to dress as Walter James Palmer, the Minneapolis dentist who outraged the world when he killed Zimbabwe’s famed Cecil the lion in July.


VIDEO: Nerve-wracking moment brave dog goes head-to-head with two very big cats

It takes a brave animal to take on two lions - especially if said animal measures up at approximately half the size.

But this dog was clearly oblivious to its obvious disadvantages as it took on the two big cats, and managed to come out on top.


NEWSLINK: Big Cat Habitat adds enclosures

Big Cat Habitat, an nonprofit safe haven for big cats, bears and other animals, has opened new enclosures and habitat areas for 12 big cats. The new areas will allow visitors safe, up-close viewing of the animals, including Brutus, a 4-year-old liger who outgrew existing enclosures.


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

NEWSLINK: Hunters bagged 10,000 lions since 2003

Given that in Africa wild lions are in catastrophic decline–the latest International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) figures suggest that fewer than 20,000 remain–it may come as a shock to discover that as many as 10,000 of the continent’s iconic big cats were legally hunted and exported as trophies in the ten years ending in 2013.


NEWSLINK: Leopard caught on CCTV near school

It was a close shave for more than 5,000 children and teaching staff who travel and walk towards the cluster of schools in the hill area adjoining Corbett National Park here. A leopard was captured on the CCTV camera of a reputed girls' school that has boarders as well as day scholars last weekend.


ARTICLE: Cougar defies nightmare zoo by learning to walk again

Mickey the cougar could barely walk when rescuers found him.

Mickey had languished for years in a nightmarish backyard zoo in Alabama that was operating without a license — its USDA license was revoked in 2006. It had been discovered that the woman running the zoo, which was also serving as the local dog pound, was feeding domesticated dogs to her exotic cats. Big Cat Rescue was determined to save any animals it could from this horror story.