Wednesday, 23 July 2014

UK SIGHTINGS: Big cat caught on video in Folkestone?

A BIG cat appears to have been caught on film by a train passenger travelling through Folkestone.
The 12-second video, which was uploaded to YouTube, shows the backs of a number of houses near a railway line.
The footage slows down as the camera pans to look at what appears to be a big black cat standing on a shed roof in a garden.
The video has so far been viewed 26 times since it was uploaded on July 7.
Poster Vincent Lloyd said: “While filming from the train, hoping to see fox cubs I'd been told about, I saw something unusual on a shed roof in a garden backing onto the embankment.
“I've slowed down the relevant section. I don't particularly believe in big cat stories, but I can't make out what else it could be.”
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NEWSLINK: The Very Real War To Save Big Cats

By Vicki Croke
For Alan Rabinowitz, the concept of the “battle to save wild cats” is growing less and less metaphorical by the minute. In this time of unprecedented poaching and wildlife trafficking, the big cat biologist and president of the conservation group Panthera is leading what he says is nothing short of a global “counter terrorism” campaign.