Friday, 26 May 2017

NEWSLINK: Forest dept studying leopards in, around SGNP

The Forest Department, in order to know the exact locations of leopards in and around Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP), and to know their population, is doing a study on the movements of leopards. The study is being done in order to reduce the chances of a human-animal conflict in the area surrounding the SGNP.

While the study is currently being conducted in IIT Bombay and Aarey, the fieldwork will end on June 4 and be concluded by July this year.


Thursday, 25 May 2017

VIDEO: Jaguar slips into stealth mode to take down giant crocodile

Footage shows the large, spotted cat swims through the murky water towards a river bank, looking for prey.

The adult male then spies a giant alligator sitting on a tiny sandy island and slips into stealth mode.

The huge cat carefully steps through the river towards it, treading its paws quietly as not to alert its potential dinner.

Once it has reached a perfect position behind the croc, the jaguar then crawls back into the water and rapidly paddles towards it.


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

ARTICLE: Protein rich diet kills 10 tigers, 5 lions in Bannerghatta Park. Why?

More than 10 tigers and five lion deaths in the Bannerghatta Biological Park had vets worried. For the past few months, zoo veterinarians noticed that a number of big cats passed away as a result of kidney-related problems. But now, zoo officials seem to have understood what’s causing the deaths.

A protein rich diet caused a number of complications for the wild animals. According to zoo officials, the diet led to renal failure among many of the big cats, resulting in their death. For months, veterinarians studied the visceral samples of tigers and lions and found that the animals’ liver was unable to process the waste products of protein synthesis and this put further pressure on their kidneys.


ARTICLE: Threat to Big Cat: 7 tigers, 36 leopards died in just 4 months

Despite the tall claims of Maharashtra government for tiger and wild life conservation, there has been a significant rise in the number of deaths of big cat species. At least 6 tigers have died during last 4 months and 36 leopards lost their lives within 3 months.

On May 18 a tiger cub was found in Nagbhid tehsil in Gadchiroli district, taking the total number of deaths of tigers to 7 in just a span of 4 months.

Ironically about 80 per cent of these deaths were reported in Vidarbha region. The alarming trend has exposed the ignorant take of state government towards tiger conservation.


ARTICLE: After four years, Mukundra reserve awaits its first tiger

Four years after its creation, the Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve (MHTR), still awaits relocation of tigers.

Ranthambore National Park (RTR) in Swai Madhopur and Sariska Tiger Reserve (STR) in Alwar were the only two reserves in Rajasthan when in 2013 the state government announced a third tiger reserve — the Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve.

The reserve was formed to cater to the spillover tiger population from RTR, which at present is reported to be around 65 tigers.


SIGHTING, UK: Big cat spotted creeping through St Albans field

Sharon Smith, 53, was stuck in Hatfield Road traffic on Friday evening at about 6.30pm, when she glanced out the window and saw something moving in the field by the thoroughfare.

She said it was big, sleek, cream, and moving towards the car.

Doing a double-take, Sharon tried to alert her partner - but he was driving and concentrating on the road.

She said: “I could see its back and it was creeping along and I thought, ‘that doesn’t look like anything I have seen before’.


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

NEWSLINK: Pugmarks near Amoni create panic among villagers

Pugmarks of tigers near Amoni village in the vicinity of Sukhi Sewaniya close to the State capital created panic among the villagers. They are of the view that the big cat might have moved near to human habitat in search of water as there are possibilities that due to intensive summer conditions water bodies in the forests might have shrieked or dried up.

Bhopal District Forest Officer (DFO) SP Tiwari while talking to The Pioneer said, "There are 28 tigers in the Ratapani Sanctuary besides about a dozen more striped felines move around the sanctuary in the forests of Kerwa, Kathotiya and Mandora while there are two big cats in the forests of Amoni."

"The population of tigers in the stretch between Ratapani Sanctuary and Kerwa dam has risen to around 28 from 19 in 2013. There were only 9 tigers in the area in 2006," said Tiwari.